4th October 2010
I've decided to start yet another small business networking group - the Cornwall MicroBusiness Collective, I've set up the facebook page, integrated twitter and will be building a nice catalyst based website and collaboration tools to let us discuss and share stuff through email, twitter and facebook (and anything else useful we find)

2nd October 2010
Once again, I'm concentrating on freelancing and so I've finally updated the server so that it's running on the latest CentOS linux rather than ancient redhat, Bytemark support were very helpful getting over some bugs and niggles in their server re-imaging process, but I'm very happy to have nice modern linux, apache, etc and I can let loose my new catalyst and other applications!

17th December 2009
It's the Xmas Cryptic Crossword download the crossword in PDF format and have fun.

Clues to follow if you all get stuck

October / November 2009 New perl modules and newborns.. Several releases to CPAN and the arrival of a baby boy called Luca.

1st September 2009
New job! I've started at Connected-UK as 'Technical Lead', but will still work from my home-office in Cornwall and continue ongoing relationships with my existing clients