Automatic Dia XML - from Source Code and Data.


Create Dia UML Diagrams from Source code, directories of source code or even xml, by using your own or included Handlers.


links relevent to AutoDia

Diagram Tools

    Dia, the GNOME Diagram Application
    Kivio, The KDE Diagram Application
    Visio, The Microsoft Diagram Application
    umbrello, The Umbrello UML Modeller

Charting/Graphing Tools
    GraphViz AT&T Research and development graphviz site
    GraphViz home page
    springgraph home page, is a perl script using the GD library and module to provide dot/neato compatible directed graphs

Documentation Tools, a perl script which gathers postgres table and relationship data and builds a dia xml file.
    Doxygen, C++ and Java Document generator
    DocClass, Automatic documention generation from C++.
    grDoc, A Code Documenting System.
    Others are listed at the doxygen site.
Code Generation Tools Perl Links Other Relevent Links

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