Automatic Dia XML - from Source Code and Data.


Create Dia UML Diagrams from Source code, directories of source code or even xml, by using your own or included Handlers.


Using AutoDia

To Install AutoDIAL:

    - download the newest tar ball and un gzip it (ie tar -zxvf latest-version.tgz)
    - put it somewhere safe where it won't get sucked into @INC or anywhere
    - make sure you have Template Toolkit installed
    - If not, go to or and get the latest and follow the instructions on installing it.

To use AutoDIAL:

    - find a perl script/module or a bunch of them.
    - type 'perl -i path/filename' or 'perl -i "fileA fileB FileC" -p /path/to/files/
    - you can specifiy the path with the -p option, the input files with the -i option and the output file with the -o function
    - you can just type fileA fileB fileC to use fileA, etc, but the other options won't work if you do that.
    - load autodial.out.xml in Dia and layout the diagram as you prefer (some simple layout is done by AutoDIAL).
    - Save or export the file (GIMP can read encapsulated postscript files which is useful).

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