Automatic Dia XML - from Source Code and Data.


Create Dia UML Diagrams from Source code, directories of source code or even xml, by using your own or included Handlers.



A Brief guide to whats been happening with AutoDia. For more details or more up to date information subscribe to the mailing list once its been set up.

    20/03/2007 - website updated : email address correct (contact me at aaron dot trevena at gmail dot com)
    27/04/2006 - version 2.03 released with fixes for umbrello, etc : download from cpan
    AutoDia now has working handlers for C++, Java, Perl and PHP included. Thousands of copies have been downloaded! I must be getting something right, as the bug reports are flowing in.
    ** current release is 2.03 (released 27/04/2006)**
    Autodia now supports Graphviz and VCG output !
    It also now reads SQL, DBI, and Dia as well as PHP, Perl, C++, and Java (c'mon python people write yourselves a python handler, perl is easy, you can don't even have to worry about your white space ;) note: the SQL handler in 1.5 was a broken version - I accidentally over-wrote it with an old version just before releasing.
    - Handlers are now a seperate branch to the main AutoDia program. The core C++ and Perl handlers will remain in AutoDia core but others such as Java and PHP are seperate. Other untested handlers will also be available as they are submitted.

    - version 1.0 now available. Bugs in C++ Handler Fixed by Ekkehard, other bugs also fixed. New templates, new command line options

    - New version is 0.09, final beta. Added Silent mode option and output to STDOUT options, tidied up a little code as well. Any bug reports on this one will be much appreciated as I plan to release a 1.0 version based on it.

    - Current version is now 0.08, fourth beta release. Very mindor bug fixes.

    - Current version is now 0.07, third beta release. Significant bug fixes mean that the layout is much improved, the -t option now works with absolute paths and parsing has been improved in the perl handler. finally a new command line option is added -D for ignoring/skipping dependancies

    - Current version is 0.6, second beta release. Significant bugfixes for both perl and c++ handlers, perl now pretty robust, C++ flakey but works with simple and clear code.

    - Current version is 0.5, the first beta release. Now autodia supports multiple languages via handlers.
    - AutoDIAL has been renamed AutoDia due to nobody liking the old name.

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